TechFlex Solution’s security audit is a specified process designed to assess the security risks facing a business and the controls or countermeasures adopted by the business to mitigate those risks.

It is typically a human process, managed by a team of “auditors” with technical and business knowledge of the company’s information technology assets and business processes. As part of any audit, these teams will interview key personnel, conduct vulnerability assessments, catalog existing security policies and controls, and examine IT assets covered by the scope of the audit. In most cases, they rely heavily on technology tools to perform the audit.

Our security audits are best understood by focusing on the specific questions they are designed to answer. For example:

  • How difficult are passwords to crack?
  • Do network assets have access control lists?
  • Do access logs exist that record who accesses what data?
  • Are personal computers regularly scanned for adware or malware?
  • Who has access to backed-up media in the organization?

These are just a small sample of the questions that any security audit should attempt to answer.

We based on the customer’s business and IT infrastructure set the right questions to arrive at a right solution based on the response.